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Studio 3 Reviews

Julie Forth
Julie Forth
posted 7 months ago

We love Studio 3. My daughter just started taking summer camps her and she loved all of them. I saw her grow so much in the three camps she has done so far. In fact we were not going to do any more camps for the summer just to give her a break and she begged to at least do the last one. She has loved it so much that we will definitely be signing her up for classes during the year. Compared to other studios and companies around, their fees are incredibly reasonable. The staff have always answered all of our questions quickly and take the time to talk to you. I have read a few other reviews where they mention late rehearsals but every theatre company is like this, especially when they audition for a play. The expectations for rehearsals/performances have been well documented on their site from what i have seen and are no different than other places. I love this place so much and am very impressed with them.

**Update to original review*** My daughter is still doing classes her and loving every minute. She was in a play here and the latest they had rehearsals at the studio was til like 9:30 on certain nights. Rehearsals are not every night. Also you can give dates/times when you have to miss. As long as those dates/times are given to the director, you can be excused to leave. If you miss school because of classes, it is not the Studio's fault. You can leave if needed. The directors just expect you to know the material when you come back. My daughter is actually doing Showstoppers this year after talking with other parents and being told that late rehearsals are not the norm for this group. Looking forward to her continued growth at the Studio.

William Friedman
William Friedman
posted 4 months ago

I am an actor here and it is so amazing and directors and other actors are so friendly

Dara Vazquez
Dara Vazquez
posted 1 year ago

My daughter loves this place! We originally went for a couple years during the summer camps and after my daughter begged to go for classes. It was a hard decision because she wanted to drop playing violin, which she was really good at, to learn to sing. Best decision ever! Two years later it's been rewarding to see her grow in so many ways, not only technically. She has become confident, team-oriented, and super responsible. She recently wanted to attend weekly for unlimited classes (6+) classes which compared to other places was really affordably priced. So we're trying it out on condition her grades stay good. I have to say her attitude is waaaay better than when she used to watch TV or play on the computer or video games all day.

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