Studio 3 Classes in Dance, Voice, Acting & more

We provide Triple Threat Training with classes in many styles of dance, as well as classes in acting and voice classes. If you love to entertain or express yourself through the performing arts, Studio 3's family is the place for you!


Acting Classes

Theatre classes develop skills and confidence as students analyze, rehearse, and perform scenes from classic and contemporary plays & musicals. Our acting classes investigate character development and acting technique, improvisation, character relationships, audition techniques, and other acting techniques.

Voice and Music

Voice & Music

We believe that anyone can learn to sing! Through group voice classes and private lessons, Studio 3 offers options for a variety of levels and interests. Music education facilitates student academic achievement; it helps students gain higher test scores, increased focus and concentration, and improves recall and retention of verbal information. Our voice classes not only teach proper technique, but include music theory, reading, and notation as well.

Ballet Classes

Ballet Classes Arizona

Ballet is the foundation of all styles of dance. Through learning proper ballet technique in our ballet classes, students are able to develop the proper alignment, balance, flexibility, and strength that is necessary for jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and other styles of dance. Students transition from barre exercises, to across the floor and center combinations, all aimed at developing proper ballet technique, styling, and performance qualities.

Jazz Dance

Jazz Dance Classes Arizona

Jazz is a stylized form of dance based strongly in ballet technique. Students focus on various techniques and skills such as turns, leaps, jumps, and other jazz steps to upbeat music with lots of style! These classes focus on using proper technique while emphasizing stage presence and performing qualities. Teachers may also choose to include lyrical, precision, or contemporary styles to increase students’ style vocabulary.



Tap is all about rhythm and style! This exciting dance form challenges dancers to create sounds, rhythms and syncopation with their feet. Students will learn fundamental tap and time steps as well as combination step which increase in difficulty as they progress to each level.