Contemporary is a stylistic, expressive style of dance based on ballet & jazz technique. Students focus on performance qualities, so concurrent enrollment in jazz or ballet is strongly recommended.



Tumbling is an important skill for dancers, cheerleaders, and actors today. In this class, students will practice proper warm-up and stretching techniques, and learn tumbling skills ranging from headstands and somersaults to back-handsprings and aerials.

Musical Theatre


Musical Theatre is a combination class to help you develop yourself as a triple threat. If you’re new to the arts, musical theatre is an awesome place to start! Through learning dance, acting, and voice, students are able to explore various areas of the arts and get performing experience as well. Musical theatre students learn an entire show each semester and perform the show several times in the community at the end of the semester at community events.

Combo Classes


Combo Classes are designed for the young performer, and include a combination of Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. Students will be introduced to fun combinations, technique study, creative movement and expression. These preschool dance classes and preschool musical theater classes will foster an early love for dance and music!

Hip Hop

Hip Hop2

Hip Hop is a high energy dance class that will introduce students to the latest hip hop trends & breaking. Students will learn to do isolations, combinations, and high energy movements with lots of STYLE! At Studio 3, we believe in “G-rated” hip hop for kids. All movement and costumes will be modest & age appropriate.